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Santuario Guadalupana is a quiet refuge,

removed from busy modern life.

  We are five kilometers up a dead end dirt road.

The wind in the trees and the distant murmur of the waterfalls,

and rustling cries in the night are the soundtrack.

There is no ambient light.

The stars of the southern hemisphere are crystal clear.

The milky way is painted across the heavens.


We can can host up to 8 people,

and serve delicious natural vegetarian (& fish) meals.

We have a sauna, yoga/meditation room, gathering space,

and a library and cd/dvd collection.

Many trails pass through our lands

and on into wilderness areas

and our magical waterfalls

have excellent pools for swimming.

We maintain a large organic garden and orchard

including medicinal and entheogenic plants.


Our guests become our friends, our family.

We host visitors interested in 


 Our programs include monthly  healing rituals open to the public, 

and private retreats tailored to your needs.


Santuário Guadalupana is a healing center

within a 125 acre nature preserve, 

with two large waterfalls, stunning views, 

and a tropical forest with rare animals 

including monkeys, ocelots, sloths, coati, anteaters,

and over 200 species of birds, 

including 20 varieties of hummingbirds.

Our healing retreats

focus on restoring



We offer opportunities for healing sessions,

counseling, and private exploration 

of the transformative powers 

of ayahuasca and shamanism.


Our safe and secluded sanctuary

encourages deep inner work. 

You will also have the option to attend

healing rituals in local ayahuasca churches.

Our visitors have made their ayahuasca retreats

for self knowledge, as a spiritual quest,

to resolve mental or emotional problems,

to make life decisions, or to process an illness.

For many of our guests, the experience has been

transformative  and life changing.

 Before your arrival we will co-design a program 

tailored to your needs and interests.

Retreats can be reserved throughout the year.

We welcome individuals 

or small pre-assembled groups. 

A minimum stay of 10 days is required.

For more details e-mail :

Phone:  62-9-9912-9290



I am available as a guide for many exotic regions in the states of Acre and Amazona.

Visit Indian tribes, journey by canoe to wilderness areas. 

Attend ayahuasca and healing rituals.  

Contact me for details.


Santuario Guadalupana. Rio das Almas and waterfalls.

reticulated heron



red bananas

ayahuasca vine




ayahuasca flowers

coffee and sauna

Divina Luz/Santo Daime
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